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Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) achieved scientific fame by inventing the lightning conductor. And in 1760, he made the first bifocal lens. In 1995, Robert and Marion Franklin founded the Franklin Contact Lenses Laboratory in Heerhugowaard, North Holland.
Franklin: a name you can trust.

The Franklin Contact Lenses Laboratory is an independent producer and supplier of hard and soft contact lenses. Under the labels Franklin Optical and Franklin Medical, FCL works for qualified opticians, contact lens specialists and optometrists in a range of countries including The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the Dutch Antilles. Personal contacts with the client are a priority.

In order to ensure the best product quality, FCL emphasises the need for constant innovation. Using data-controlled Sub Micron Technology and robots, FCL produces state-of-the-art lenses without polishing. Unique data codes can be used for the exact reproduction of every lens design.

As Franklin Optical, FCL focuses on rectifying ocular deviations. The Franklin Medical product line stands out because of special applications for non-refraction problems, such as special medical lenses for ocular muscle failure as a result of stroke.

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